Thanksgiving Break!

Hello all! We are temporarily closing up the online store until after Thanksgiving to give ourselves a little break. 

The past few months for us have been pretty hectic. Behind the scenes, we have a lot going on, and I'm finding less and less time to get into the office & workshop. At the same time, we have seen an increase in orders (because y'all are awesome!). Throw in some new supply chain problems that we really thought had been mostly resolved over six months ago (things like shampoo bar ingredients, lotion jars, certain shipping materials), and I am finding myself falling farther and farther behind on filling orders and restocking products.

I really, really do not like how long processing times have gotten. I am up many nights well past midnight trying to make products, respond to emails, wrap soap, and fill orders, and still can't quite keep up. Unfortunately, I just can't add any extra hours to the day. But I really want to get our holiday products finished and out in a much more timely manner, so I've decided that for the next week, we will be closed to new orders. The goal is to get the current pile of open orders out the door, plus get our new holiday products all ready to go in order to speed up our processing times. We also hope to establish set local delivery days for holiday products, so you will know when to expect your items. Maybe we'll even manage a bit of rest in there (I certainly hope so!).

I really appreciate the patience everyone has given us so far this year. It feels like we've been in a whirlwind since 2020 began, but I'm hoping that in 2022, many of our issues will be resolved and we'll be moving along more quickly and efficiently. Thank you all for supporting us through all of this. If you have an open order that has been delayed longer than expected, you should hear from us very shortly.