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Are you ready to lather up? Give our shampoo bars a shot. These solid shampoos are made from coconut-based cleansers, botanical extracts, and plant oils. They are perfectly ph balanced for hair, and free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, soap, and silicones. They last for dozens of uses - and all without the plastic. So what are you waiting for? 

MERMAID HAIR is exactly what you'd think it would be. This beachy bar is infused with sea salt for enhanced volume and texture. We add a dab of coconut oil + aloe extract to keep your locks healthily hydrated. Scented with a tropical mix of creamy coconut milk & zesty lime oil. 

For more detailed information about our shampoo bars, including directions for use, how long they last, and how we choose our ingredients, click here.

To Use: Lather directly onto hair and work lather through hair, then rinse. Follow up with a favorite conditioner if desired. Store away from water so you get tons of washes!

Size: 2 oz

Hair Type: Any

Packaging: Reusable Muslin Drawstring Bag

Ingredients: Plant Derived Surfactants (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Alpha Olefin Sulfonate), Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Sodium Lactate, Aloe Vera Extract, Panthenol, Fragrance & Essential Oil Blend, Mica, Preservative.

Paraben Free - Sulfate Free - Phthalate Free - Silicone Free - Soap Free - Cruelty Free