Our Story

Made with Mother Earth in Mind

We are a small, family company, based in Southeast Georgia. We are dedicated to eco-friendly ideals, and very consciously source sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients and recycled packaging for all of our products.

We aim to support other small businesses and local suppliers - many of our ingredients are sourced from nearby farmers or growers right here in Georgia. 

We firmly believe in giving back to our community, and starting in June 2018, we are dedicating a portion of our profits to a different local charity or organization, so that we can make the world a better place, together, starting here in our very own home. Contact us if you know of a cause that needs support.

Our goal is to grow this little soap business into a way to support our family, and spread our handcrafted, Georgia-grown products all over. We're definitely making progress! You can find our products in many shops across the country.


A Little History

Belham & Co. started out as just a hobby, a corner of a college apartment dedicated to earth-inspired creativity. We handcrafted items like soap and balms from our own porch-grown herbs, infused in our warm windowsills, as a way to connect our daily lives with the energies of nature. Gifts to friends and family gradually evolved into farmer's market wares and online listings. Soon, we had a way to help supplement our income and put ourselves through college while sharing our handcrafted creations with others. For a time, this was our "extra" job. We studied culture, religion, law, and language, and drew further creative inspiration and business knowledge from all of these.

Michael at the Statesboro Farmer's Market in 2013

Within just a few short years, we married, graduated college, relocated to our home town to take on new jobs, and discovered that we were expecting our first child. Soon after this discovery, Lacy found herself jobless, and we found it necessary to temporarily stay with family members. Our business suddenly became our opportunity to support our family, enabling Lacy to work exclusively from home, while providing a connection with creativity and a respect for the Earth that we hope to pass along to our new child. Through hard work and determination, we've focused on growing our little business in many ways, providing our followers with ethically sourced, carefully formulated products that are both uniquely inspired and presented. We take pride in each and every well-tested recipe, every thoughtfully-blended scent, every meticulously-designed label.

Lacy & Brigid at the Southern Grown Farmer's Market in February 2017

The ultimate goals of Belham & Co. are to help us protect and restore Mother Earth, while eventually providing enough income to help us, and others, live a more nature-centered life. Our dream is to purchase a small piece of land and a home for our family,  so that we might raise and grow our own food and plants, while raising our little Brigid to live more sustainably on Mother Earth. 100% of each dollar we make, after all costs are taken into account, goes towards a homestead fund. When you purchase our products or support our business, you can rest assured that you are not helping a CEO of a huge corporation buy a second vacation home, you are helping local artisans provide for their family.

About the Artisans

Belham & Co. is the dream of two artisans, Lacy Bell-Putnam & Michael Putnam. Belham (Bel-am) is a contraction of our last names, Bell & Puttenham (Putnam). We are a married couple with one daughter, Brigid, and one son, Torben.  We both are graduates of Georgia Southern University and are originally from Brunswick, Georgia.  We began the shop in our college apartment early on in our relationship, and now it continues to support our family.

Lacy really enjoys doing research, graphic design, and product formulations, while Michael specializes in sales and packaging -- though we both work hard to make each and every product together. In our spare time, we garden, brew mead (honey wine), enjoy historical re-enactments, sew a little, and spend weekends out with little Brigid.