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SUNFLOWER Soap -- Fall 2021 Small Batch Release

SUNFLOWER Soap -- Fall 2021 Small Batch Release

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PLEASE READ: This item is part of our Fall 2021 Limited Edition Small Batch Release. These items will be available for Pre-Order starting Monday, October 25th at 9PM EST. Any order containing these items will start shipping out November 1st. We can't guarantee that any of these scents will be available or restocked after the release, so if you're interested, we suggest you grab them while you can!

Everyone loves the traditional fall scents of pumpkins and spice. Our fall collection every year is one of our most anticipated and contains some of our best-selling products. But sometimes, I like to highlight some of the other scents of the season, blends with notes like fig, sunflower, sage, magnolia leaf, oudh, & chai -- things you might not normally associate with fall. But - we think you’ll change your mind once you get a sniff!

This year's FALL SMALL BATCH RELEASE consists of scent blends that are inspired by the many different ways we experience the fall season, with an emphasis on the ending of the harvest season. We wanted to evoke a wide range of experiences, feelings, and memories that we carry from this liminal time that fills the divide between the warm days of summer and the chilly nights of winter.



Scent Notes: buttery warm sandalwood, sweet sunflower, dried fruit, resinous amber, green, woodsy vetiver

Special Ingredients: calendula petals, lemon balm leaf, sunflower petals, sunflower seed oil

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Sustainable RSPO Certified Palm, Georgia-farmed Olive, Coconut, & Raw Shea Butter) Water, Glycerin, Iron Oxide, Calendula Flowers, Lemon Balm Leaf, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sunflower Flowers, Spirulina, French Green Clay, Brazilian Yellow Clay, Indigo, Proprietary Fragrance & Essential Oil Blend.  

Size: 4 oz

The Inspiration and Process: Last year, we tried to grow a sunflower patch. We ordered a wide variety of sunflower seeds from an awesome supplier, excited to try to grow ones both big and small. However, in all the chaos of 2020, the seeds were held up in the mail for a few weeks, and we were already getting a late start. Add some torrential summer downpours into the mix and, well, no sunflower patch. But this year, we took all the seeds and scattered them in two little rows right outside our soap workshop, and there they grew. It was fun to watch them grow tall and open, one by one. They became a popular spot for fuzzy bumblebees, and then later, as seeds began to dry, little brown house wrens. They only just stopped blooming a few weeks ago.

Now, this might sound silly, but before this year, I had never stopped to sniff a sunflower. For some reason (maybe I'd sniffed the wrong one, a long time ago!), I didn't think they actually HAD much scent, other than the nuttiness of their seeds. But of course, this past summer, my three-year-old ran straight towards a freshly opened golden bloom and stuck his whole face in it and sniffed, and called excitedly for me to follow. I was surprised- I honestly didn't realize just how fragrant sunflowers can be - a little sweet, a little earthy, maybe just a hint of woodsy, nutty seeds.

So, our small-batch soap scent SUNFLOWER is inspired by these tall, bright flowers. It is handcrafted using actual sunflower seed oil and sunflower petals, plus a gentle mix of our own golden, home-grown calendula petals and lemon balm leaves. I used golden brazilian and french green clays, plus powdered spirulina, to naturally create these colors. This late summer/fall inspired soap bar is scented with a warm, herbal-floral blend of buttery sandalwood, sweet sunflower, rich amber, and base notes of vetiver oil and dried fruit. I think you'll love this one - the sandalwood blend is just really unique and special.

What's in your bar? We promote the use of the most sustainable ingredients, plant-based oils, only cruelty-free sources (especially of animal-based products), and local sources whenever possible. All of our bars are at least four ounces by weight, made in small batches, and may vary slightly in color, weight, shape, and scent from bar to bar. They all contain Georgia Olive Oil from Georgia Olive Farms, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) sourced Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, & Unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana. The finished bars are wrapped in eco-friendly paper packaging.

All of our handcrafted soap bars are free from:
Parabens • Sulfates • Detergents • Phthalates • Preservatives